Human resources
Provide all kinds of learning and training opportunities for employees 
The company pays special attention to staff's vocational training and quality improvement, providing and creating opportunities for learning and training for employees, and striving to create learning organizations.

Training course 
Every year, we provide various training courses for company staff according to the needs of company and staff development. 
General training class: such training is primarily a training course for employees to master basic skills and core competencies. 
Professional training: according to the actual needs of each department, we provide corresponding professional training courses. 
Knowledge sharing: in order to mobilize the internal resources of the company, let the company employees have more opportunities to learn and participate, we will also organize the learning activities of "knowledge sharing" on a regular basis.

Form of training 
According to the needs of training, we will organize different training forms. 
Internal training: training and coaching of employees through lectures, videos and case discussions. 
External training: select employees to participate in training courses or open courses according to needs, or communicate with external experts.

Self learning and development of employees 
The company encourages the employees to develop themselves, encourages their employees to take advantage of their spare time to take part in various training and learning, and to improve their technical business level so as to meet the requirements of the continuous improvement of the enterprise and the society.

Helping employees to do career design 
When assisting employees in career design, companies take full consideration of their expertise and try to satisfy their personal interests and hobbies. Let the staff with strong professional ability develop into the professional field and become experts or authority in this field; let the employees with strong management and comprehensive ability, develop to the enterprise manager and become professional managers. The company will guarantee the balance between the treatment and contribution of the two different directions of development.