The company has set up a technical center for scientific research and development. It has a large number of research and development teams composed of a large number of professional doctorate, master and senior technical personnel in the industry. They have been engaged in technical research and development for many years in the plastic processing and modification industry. Some have been for more than 30 years. They have rich experience in industry. 
Equipment used to develop functional masterbatch products or conduct process designing experiments are equipped, such as internal mixer production line for low-temperature processing, twin screw production line for high-temperature processing and no-carrier processing facilities. The equipment can be applied in processing masterbatches with different types or forms, such as power, liquid, colloid and irregular crystal forms. 
Injection Molding Machine and Sample Mould for Material Testing are equipped to manufacture samples that can meet ISO and ASTM standards; Specialized machine for powder surface treatment and small film blowing machine for evaluation of product dispersibility provide the necessary means for the development and evaluation of various functional masterbatches.
Various test instruments and equipment are equipped to test the physical, mechanical, thermal, electrical insulation and combustibility properties. 
 Cooperating with renowned color matching companies, such as HCA and NHH to provide diversified colour solutions for customers.

Functions of Technical Center 
Design and Development of Functional Masterbatches 
Designing and developing the formula and processing techniques of functional masterbatches according to the market demands; undertaking the technical development of formula and process engineering of functional masterbatches assigned by cooperative partners

Applied Evaluation of Plastic Additives 
Providing the applied evaluation and technical support of additives to improve the weak links of importing additives.Application and development of new products for additive manufacturers

Design and Development of Products Consigned by Customers 
Integrating resources advantages to provide soft and high-efficient products development services consigned by customers

Cooperating with Other Departments on Science and Technology Projects、patent 
Departments t develop company policy-oriented projects, such as clean production, energy-saving, environmental-friendly or resource-saving projects

Others:The center, adhering to the open mind, welcomes all the companies and organizations with the same ambition and work together on the road of green environmental protection, resource saving and energy saving.