Functional masterbatch
Process platform introduction
Various development and production facilities:
  - Single screw, twin screw (parallel, conical row), tri-screw extruder(inverted triangle).
  - Die-face hot cutting(air cooling, water-ring, underwater), strand pelletizing (sink, track),granulation(non-carrier).
  - Small blown film machine (dispersion evaluation).
  - Precise 6 bucket gravimetric batch blender gain-in-weight demonstration line, to change the traditional production process of high-speed mixer and/or scales into a variety of resin + functional masterbatch. BUCT professor is responsible for designing the screw, and solution plan for direct injection. This will be the optimal choice for the same series products with different size and color.

Various raw material forms:
  - Ultra-low bulk density powder (professional surface pro-treatment), aerogel.
  - Flakes and whiskers.
  - Colloid and liquid.

Various carriers:
  - High temperature carrier---PA, PBT, PC, ABS, PP and other engineering plastics.
  - Low temperature carrier---PE, PVC, TPE, EPDM and ethylene copolymers.

various concentrations:
  - High concentration---Process for twin screw.
  - Medium Concentration---For single screw extrusion processing with week mixing, including direct injection molding.
  - Low concentration---For special processing technology which needs high dispersion, such as spinning, blown film, etc.

Patent Appearance:
  - The unique sheet-like functional masterbatch makes the sinking of high-specificity products no longer a problem. Particulate (powder) masterbatch is suitable for PVC.

Composite multi-functional masterbatch:
  - We have rich experience in plastic blending, can discuss with customers, customize modular masterbatch, research and develop the best cost-effective products for downstream processing applications.

Rich additive resources:
  - We are a distributor of various international first-class brand additive company, which can provide the latest and optimal choice for the devepoment of functional masterbatch.

Complete functional masterbatch:
  - flame retardant, reinforced, filled, toughened, nucleated, chain extended, lubricated, antistatic, anti-aging, conductive, heat conductive, laser engraving, silicone, antibacterial, antifouling, insect proof, foaming The opening is smooth and PIM. . . 

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Foreign trading
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Jiangsu One-up New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015,located at Changdang Lake in Changzhou, Jiangsu province.We focus on environmental and occupational health as origin, aim to satisfy the customers' demands on enviromental、cleaning and intelligent manufacture.Trough our own R & D power and experience,we cooperate with various top-class suppliers,and focus on the R & D, production, sales and service of various functional masterbatches.We can provide customized solutions for customers.