We insist on Safety lead production and operation, push forward safety work and ensure safe and stable production and operation situation. We firmly establish "development can not sacrifice the lives of people at the cost of" concept, take more effective, solid and effective measures to implement rectification, to comprehensively improve the essential safety level production. 

Security organization system 
We have built a more perfect system of safety management organization to ensure that the safety responsibilities are vertical and horizontal, and fully cover our business and management chain. Adhere to the "who is in charge who is responsible for" a pair of "Gang" must have the responsibility "principle, the implementation of safety responsibility. 

Security institution system 
System is the basis for effective development of safety management. We set up a complete set of system of security system covering the whole process of production and operation with the responsibility system as the basis. With the development of business, the change of the environment and the improvement of the internal and external requirements, we continue to improve and improve. 

Safety culture system 
Safety culture is the soul of safety management. We advocate a safety culture for work safety, health and family happiness, to ensure that safety concept is internalized. Through various forms to enhance the security consciousness of the whole staff, try to make "I want security" concept to take root of the soul of the staff, to overcome the fluke of paralysis, all the time, everywhere, everything tight security this string.